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Fundraiser Events Tips

Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Fundraising Event Venue

Never underestimate the importance of fundraiser events and venues to hold your fundraiser or charity event in. However, before you put a down payment and sign your life away, please consider the following:

Philanthropic Ties

Fundraising venues do have philanthropic ties, especially if they are in demand. However, first find out if it offers any discounts or donations for nonprofit events, or if they will throw in some extras for your booking, such as donating or discounting some items in your contracts, like catering, tables, and chairs, etc.

Amenities And Staff

Beautiful fundraising venues are good; however, never assume every venue comes with the bells and whistles that you want, or in some cases even the basics! So you need to ask about everything. Double and triple check such things as electricity and plugs, parking, number of restrooms, tables, chairs, linens, sound, equipment, lights, kitchen, WiFi, disabled friendly, available and reliable staff that can help with the planning, the list is endless, and will depend on your event. Planning an event can take months and many staff hours. So don’t let yours be ruined by forgetting the basics!

Adequate Space

Providing enough space for your guests to enjoy your event is vital. Just remember that you will need additional space for all of the desired activities, bars, food tables, etc. Your guests will also need enough room to move about freely. When fundraising, you need to plan for additional room for seating. So you need to find out how many guests are going to attend the event. How are you planning on seating them? Make sure your fundraising venue is big enough to seat everyone comfortably in a single room.

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