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mistakes to avoid when choosing a Co-Working Space

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Co-Working Space

Are you looking for the ideal co-working space for your small business but aren’t sure where to start? Aside from asking your family, friends, and colleagues for tips, you’ll want to avoid these mistakes when you’re looking for a place to start your search. Below are 3 of the mistakes you should stay away from! Let an online workspace finder help you find the ideal office space for your business!

Not taking into account the community

Before you even start looking for a co-working space, you need to think about how you’ll be able to fit in with the community. Is it located within walking distance to your office? Is there a coffee shop where you can get your daily cup of joe as well as various snacks? Will there be other business owners you can meet regularly? Take the time to ask questions and get to know the local scene!

Not taking into account the perks

Different workspace providers offer different perks, depending on the agreement you make with them. For example, if you’re just starting out and don’t have many assets, then you might be able to negotiate a lower rent with your provider. However, other companies may offer perks such as discounted member fees or free coffee! It’s important to ask about what your options are, so you can make an informed decision.

Not asking about the company’s reputation

You need to think about how the company has previously performed! If there are any negative reviews online, then you should avoid working with that company! You should also ask about the facilities, the policies, and the methods the company uses to keep the community well-behaved and safe. You’ll want to make sure that the provider has a good reputation for the community it offers!

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